When publishing with JustFiction! Edition, the author does not have to worry about any technical or administrative processes – we will do all that for you:

Production and Distribution

All books are sold in both e-book and printed book format. Each title published by JFE is assigned an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), with which it can be easily found in any database. After that, we will enter the title into a number of catalogues (such as amazon.com, lightningsource.com, i-book-store) of the leading book wholesalers in the US and Europe.

Traditional publishing houses use what is called the “offset procedure”. This means that the publisher makes an initial estimate as to how many copies should be printed: should the estimate be too optimistic, the publisher will be left with excess books, and if the estimate falls short, the title will eventually go out of stock. In addition, there are high forerun costs the publisher must cover using this method.

Print To Order (PTO), on the other hand, allows a book to be produced according to demand, successively and with high quality, and then introduced into the market and supplied to the reader via book wholesalers.

With this method it also possible to publish niche topics targeted to a smaller audience. For JF!E, PTO technology and the underlying logistics system have become the impetus for tapping into new topics and authors.

Data is optimized by the publishing house and entered in relevant catalogues worldwide. The book is offered to the leading international book distributors – if they are positive about a title and enlist it, the whole industry can order the book for their customers at a short notice.

JF!E also provides PDF versions of its books as review copies to selected specialist journalists. Requests can be sent to: review(at)vdm-vsg.de

We currently distribute via all leading book wholesalers in the USA, the UK and Germany. This way our portfolio is available through amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, as well as via most other British, American and German bookstores. Of course, you also find our titles at amazon.de, libri.de, buecher.de, buchkatalog.de and various other online shops – and at almost every conventional bookshop which can order our titles at short notice.

Thus, our products are available at more than 80,000 bookstores and more than 3,000 online shops worldwide.

What we will not do

JustFiction! Edition offers talented, aspiring authors a chance to get published and perhaps start their journey to international recognition – for free. This unfortunately means that we have to keep our costs as low as possible, that is why we do not perform proofreading, as it would not be financeable – the author is responsible for the content-related and linguistic quality of the work.

You are welcome to address your questions and concerns to: info@omniscriptum.com