Mephisto's Revenge

Dark Matters

Barbara Barry - ISBN: 978-620-2-48970-6

Sea-colored Ring

The other 4 collections of poems.

Ko Ohashi - ISBN: 978-620-2-48980-5

Truth Prevails

Can he save?

Rakesh Kiron - ISBN: 978-620-2-48954-6

Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

What Really Does the “Mild” in Mild Traumatic Head Injury Mean?

José Manuel Ortega Zufiría - ISBN: 978-620-2-48960-7

Child Rights Advocacy Through Art

Promoting Child Rights through Art Therapy

Elfas Shangwa Zadzagomo - ISBN: 978-620-2-48966-9

My ABC Child Rights Colouring Book

Promoting Child Rights Through Art

Elfas Shangwa Zadzagomo - ISBN: 978-620-2-48968-3

I Am that I Am in All Rigours

Tears into Sapience, into Persistence and into Eveternity

Haider Al-Moosawi - ISBN: 978-620-2-48964-5

The Best Chest in the West - LA PLUS BELLE POITRINE DE L’OUEST !

Collection of travel stories - Recueil de récits de voyage

Gustáv Murín - ISBN: 978-620-2-48949-2


A part of infinite existance

Yuriy Yashkir - ISBN: 978-620-2-48956-0


Autorabiography, and Short Stories

Zadmehr Torabi - ISBN: 978-3-330-71551-6