The Madhouse Within

A Journey Beyond

Ghina Awdi - ISBN: 978-3-330-71554-7

Overcoming What Life Hands Us

Overcoming Life

Cassandra Caughlin - ISBN: 978-3-659-70028-6

Mbaka: Questions to the Innocent Faces

Nkemakonam Aniukwu - ISBN: 978-3-330-71542-4

Pawn Revenge

Does revenge pain?

Sunderrajan Iyengar - ISBN: 978-3-330-71552-3

Suffer the Child

A thriller Novel

Emmanuel Abraham - ISBN: 978-3-659-70030-9

The Accidental Gypsy

A Journey of a Lifetime

Rais A. Khan - ISBN: 978-3-8454-4882-4

The First Emperor

Voyage of an ancient warrior

Erica Tongson - ISBN: 978-3-330-71550-9

Eleven Minutes

The Sequel to Ten Percent

Julia Blackmore - ISBN: 978-3-330-71546-2

Survival of the Stupidest and other Anecdotes

Narrative Literature

Shukla Bhattacharya - ISBN: 978-3-330-71544-8

Detectives Go Undercover

Detective Sam Jones

Steven Polk - ISBN: 978-3-330-71532-5