The Line Madder

The Line Madder

A Novel

JustFiction Edition ( 2017-08-16 )

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Long ago, a family's bloodline was fated to split, with one child creating the Good Line and the other starting the Bad Line. Each of the children carried a special energy that allowed them to transform, and both the Good Line and the Bad Line were destined to fight. Seth Madder was not born into either of these bloodlines. After losing his parents, he doesn't seem to be fated for much besides living out his days in a dull apartment. That is, until Ser H. Circuit recruits him to assist her in the conflict between the Good and Bad Lines. She gives him a strange energy called Blood and prepares him to fight to preserve the Good Line, but neither Seth nor Ser are expecting to become the enemies of the terrible Darian Apophis, who wants Ser and her sister dead to prevent a future war. This leads Seth on a journey to assist his companion, defeat Apophis, and piece together a family to make up for the one that was stolen from him. Seth's adversary is a strong one, though. How long will it take to finally defeat him, if Seth can even defeat him at all?

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Jenna Blackmore

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Science Fiction, Fantasy