Poems of Quazi Johirul Islam

Poems of Quazi Johirul Islam

Power of Words

JustFiction Edition ( 2018-11-01 )

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Our world is full of poetry. Look around us! A selfie you just took seconds ago is silent poetry, and poetry is selfie that speaks out loud. Poetry is powerful feelings when running late and walking toward a subway station in the New York City on the way to work. Poetry is finally sitting on a subway seat and the hearing “Stand Clear of the Closing Door.. Please!”. Eating Mangu with queso Frito in the morning is the poetry of the mouth. A cup of coffee in the morning is hot and refreshing poetry. Poetry is spontaneous. Anything is beautiful is poetry. “Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” ---Cassandra Clare. This poetry book, Power of Words: Poems of Quazi Johirul Islam, is a collection of poems with a distinct sensibility that covers happiness, friendship, love, loss and many more. The intent of this collection of poems to show that poetry is around us and it is powerful and spontaneous all at the same time. This book was designed to show your true nature of poetry. Enjoy and may this poetry book bring you tranquility while inside of a subway car, whether sitting or standing.

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Narrative literature