Conspiracy on the Tide

Conspiracy on the Tide

"...a John Wolff Novel..."

JustFiction Edition ( 2018-11-01 )

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John Wolff, the ex-detective turned Accountant is currently working for a Multi-National Group based in Johannesburg. The Group has branches scattered throughout Africa. During a routine financial month-end close, Wolff and his team identify significant inconsistencies in the accounts of their Kenyan operation. Initially, Wolff put this down to the new accountant still finding his feet. However, when the Country Director fails to respond to communication, this raises suspicions. Wolff is then assigned to visit the Kenyan office for 5 days to conduct a routine audit and resolve the inconsistencies. However, when he tries to makes sense of the monthly reconciliations, he finds more inconsistencies. The deeper he digs, the more questions arise; making his routine work assignment more dangerous. Before long, Wolff has to revisit his past and become a detective yet again. This time, it is to stay alive. He is immersed in an Inter-Continental adventure filled with action, mystery, suspense, government agencies and perhaps even romance. Alone and unsure of whom can be trusted, he is left to his wits and past experience as a cop to survive. Join Wolff on his hair-raising adventure...!!!

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Adhir Maharaj

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