Laugh and Smile Book Two

Laugh and Smile Book Two

Funny Moments Book Two

JustFiction Edition ( 2018-07-09 )

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Laughing and smiling bring relaxation, enjoyment, amusement, cheerfulness and peace of mind to us. A moment of laughter and smile in your life every day, can do you better in your health. Do not be killed by pressure of your life's ups and downs. Read something funny to chase away anxiety, stress, anger, annoyance and depression. Comic stories in Laugh and Smile Book Two can chase away boring moments and bring joyful times. Create merriment to yourself, by doing so, you lighten the mental load, and you reduce body stress hormones. Something called laughing, we take it for granted, but our bodies need it. Laughing and smiling increases our energy and it controls our moods. Be in control, put aside heart and brain torture as you give yourself moments of laughter. Day by day, we go through stressful circumstances, but we can bring restfulness to our minds by reading funny stories and we reduce the danger of chronic illnesses in our bodies. Laughing and smiling is the best medicine for our bodies.

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Jemitias Haruzivishe

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