Open Secret love and Sex

Open Secret love and Sex

I am admittedly very lucky to have such a wonderful man for my partner. Sometimes I go way too long without letting him

JustFiction Edition ( 2018-05-17 )

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This real story is about a Iranian woman widow has not any sex relation after separation in 12 past years. She was imperative to hard study and work to support herself and family so forgotten her sex and man but suddenly after 12 years was waiting to find her man despite he was 26 older. She involved in sex and love and believe I think God created special honey to humanity that is named sex that without sex, life can’t continuously and everybody knows love and sex is two sides of one coin but the main point is who is your partner and lover. I believe only Rostam can ride, flash and conquer Rakhsh that Rakhsh don’t feel tired anytime when Rostam ride her. I think I am his exclusive island palm and flowerbed that he can crop his sycamore, date, walnut and cedar and garland!

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Rakhsh Rostam

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Science Fiction, Fantasy